Episode 2: Lauren Gibbs

Lauren Gibbs, is an Olympian silver medalist at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and a two-time gold and bronze medalist for the World Championships in bobsledding.  

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lauren has been active in sports since she was young.  Growing up, she did track and field and soccer, and played volleyball at Brown University. Although she was physically active her whole life, she never intended to be a professional athlete.  

After college, she took a job in sales and quickly became financially successful. Yet, with her high paying job, home, and dream car, she felt stuck and unsatisfied.  

Her life changed when her friend suggested she try out for the Olympic bobsled team. She knew nothing about Bobsledding, and at the age of 30, she worried it might be too late for her to professionally compete. But she knew it was such an incredible and unique opportunity to pass, so she went for it.  

She quit her job, sold her car and apartment and moved to Colorado to train. Now, she trains almost every day, competes, and has multiple sponsorships. She is the spokesperson for Parity Now, which is an organization that advocates for financial parity in women’s sports. She is also the Vice President of Partnerships for the personal development app Heroic, which launched in April 2022. 




00:00 – Intro
06:20 – Making history in the Olympics
12:35 – How to take care of your body
24:39 – Olympians and Paralympians live below poverty line
28:14 – How to find sponsors for the Olympics
31:10 – Parity Now
40:09 – Advice to aspiring athletes to achieve success
44:51 – Heroic App – be the best version of yourself



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